The Case for an LED Dog Leash

Happy Pooches – The Benefits of an LED Harness
January 29, 2019

The Case for an LED Dog Leash

Your beloved pet deserves the very best in safety and comfort and if you’re looking for the latest in pet accessories you can’t go past LED dog accessories.

LED pet products available are designed to keep your pet highly visible and out of harm’s Chances are you already own a leash or two, but why not consider one that will light up your night time walks and help others notice you?

Check out some of the benefits of an LED leash for your pet pooch:


Having a LED leash on your pet means that you will never lose sight of your pooch. The ultra bright LED lights on the dog leash make you and your pet visible for up to 1000 feet so you both can stay safe from oncoming vehicles, cyclist and pedestrians.

A large number of accidents involve dogs and vehicles or bikes and commonly the driver of the vehicle blames that the dog that ‘came out of nowhere’ and they didn’t have time to stop. To ensure that this never happens to you and your fur baby use a lighted LED dog leash for safety and protection.

Not only will you and your pet be 100% seen at all times, you will have the peace of mind that your evening walk will be a safe one.

Practical and Useful

LED dog leashes are incredibly bright and offer a long strip of LED light all the way up the leash for maximum visibility. LED dog leashes have different settings such as slow or fast flash or you can simply leave on the solid light mode and are designed for all dog sizes, big and small.

A common feature for an LED dog leash is the product’s durability and reliability. Look for a weather resistant leash that has an enclosed battery pack so that you know your leash is safe during walks in the rain. LED dog leashes are available in all sorts of colour and size options to suit you and your pet’s style. LED leashes are also a great option if an LED harness or LED collar is not suitable for your pet.

Easy to Operate

With an option of smart recharging, LED collars can be conveniently charged at any USB outlet so you will never have to replace batteries. The average time that a fully charged leash should last is up to seven hours, which is more than enough time for an evening stroll!

Most LED leashes have a small switch that are easy to operate and can be used as a normal leash during the day when the lights are switched off. The LED leashes are hassle-free to maintain and require a simple wipe down with a damp cloth occasionally.

Choose Fur Bebe

Fur Bebe is proud to offer premium quality LED pet leashes for customers across the USA and Canada. Constructed with sturdy nylon material, Fur Bebe’s leashes have a heavy duty snap that attaches to any standard collar; flexible dual LED strip and soft padded grip for 100% comfort and safety.
To find out more about our awesome range of LED dog accessories for dog lovers across the USA and Canada, browse and shop our product categories, or contact us for more information.

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