Happy Pooches – The Benefits of an LED Harness

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November 12, 2018
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March 11, 2019

A common time to walk a beloved pooch is during dawn or dusk when the temperature is cooler and the pavement is not so hot for your pet’s paws. But are you putting your pet at risk by walking in darker conditions and not making traffic or passer-by’s aware of your little pooch?

The negative to taking a stroll at these times is that you and your pet become harder to see. Thanks to technological advancement, there is an exciting and innovative way to keep your dog safe, protected and comfortable with an LED harness.

With the bright LED lights on the harness you and your pet will be seen over 1000 feet away, so you and your fur baby can enjoy a walk at any time of the evening with the confidence you are going to be well and truly seen by traffic, passer-by’s and by any obstacles that are a safety concern.

Check out some of the many benefits that LED harnesses offer for your pet:

  • Safe – A LED harness offers your pooch the safety and protection at night time that they deserve while always being comfortable.
  • Bright – LED harness produces almost triple the amount of illumination than a LED collar. There are many different brightness levels of a LED harness and you can set the function to either a steady light, slow flashing or fast flashing mode to suit your environment and needs.
  • No Pull – LED harness are great for dogs that like to pull and jump. A harness stops a dog from pulling and offers the pet-parent more control during walks because you can steer the pooch, making dog walking an absolute joy!
  • No Choke – LED harness are not placed around your pet’s throat, so there is no risk to your dog’s neck and no issues with choking for your peace of mind.
  • Easy To Use – with easy to step-in and clip-on designs harnesses can be a breeze for you and your dog to get in and out of. No more tug of war that you usually experience with traditional harnesses.
  • Rechargeable – LED harnesses are commonly USB rechargeable or battery powered depending on which manufacturer you choose. The USB rechargeable harness can be charged at any USB outlet and some products automatically shut-off when fully charged for safety.
  • Durable– LED harnesses are made from durable materials to suit every energetic dog. Some brands, such as Fur Bebe, are made of sturdy nylon that is strong and flexible so your pet will always be comfortable. Harnesses are engineered so they are easy to use, comfortable and light using use.

There are plenty of different brands on the market but if you’re searching for a premium LED pet harness then look no further that Fur Bebe.

With an IPX7 waterproof ratin, the LED pet harness can be immersed in up to 1 metre of water for up to thirty minutes.

Shipping across the USA and Canada, our products are crafted to meet premium quality standards and super comfortable. Your pooch can step into the pet harness and the flexible and bright LED strip will keep your pooch safe and protected on every walk dusk till dawn.

To find out more about our awesome range of LED dog accessories contact the friendly team at Fur Bebe. As the leading manufacturer of top quality LED collars, harnesses and leashes, we’re got your pet’s safety in mind.

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