LED Accessories Are a Must-Have for a Twilight Stroll with Your Dog

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July 18, 2018
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As we all well know, the days get shorter and the nights are longer as winter approaches and this means that the window of opportunity to take our pets for a walk in the daylight hours becomes less and we will more than likely be strolling with our loveable pooches in the dark.

This being the case, LED accessories are a must for you and your pet when it comes to enjoying a refreshing walk in the outdoors in the winter months or even the evenings. LED dog accessories keep you and your pet always visible and safe when out walking in the community – so you and your pooch can enjoy a leisurely stroll any time of the year.

Here’s a brief overview of what is available in the LED world for dogs:

LED Collars

There are many LED dog collars available on the market that will let you and your dog be seen in the dark by cars, cyclists and other dog owners. These cool collars are ultra bright and promise to be comfortable for your pet.

Just like a regular collar, a LED dog collar goes around your furry friend’s neck and can be switched on to different lighting modes such as fast flashing, slow flashing or constant mode. Your LED collar is not only super cool for Fido, but will attract the attention of oncoming cars and other pedestrians in the dark and you can keep track of your dog if they are off the lead.

LED collars come in all sorts of colours and sizes and depending

LED Leashes

For night time safety, a LED leash is exceptionally bright so you stand out and can be seen by cyclists, cars and passers-by. With a small switch on the side, these innovative leashes are easy to operate, simple to attach to any collar and have the option of different light functions and modes.

LED Harnesses

A LED harness is tight enough, so your dog does not slip out of it but comfortable enough for you and your pet to go on a leisurely stroll instead of playing a game of tug of war.

A LED harness gives pet parents an opportunity to steer their pet and offer more control on their walks. There’s no choking or pulling of your beloved pet, and it is comfortable and safe. Lighting up as you blaze a trail on your evening walks, your pooch will be visible to everyone and everything in a 1000 feet radius.

Don’t take any chances and protect your pooch today. Take a look at all the amazing LED accessories Fur Bebe carries for your pet so that they are always safe, protected and comfortable.

To find out more about our awesome range contact the friendly team at Fur Bebe, producer of top quality LED collars, harnesses, and leashes designed with your convenience and Fido’s safety in mind.

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